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Theology was way of thinking during the Renaissance. Theology is the study of...
a) God b) Government c) Art d) Literature
Science and art focussed on what?
a) Knowledge b) The human body c) Nature d) The night sky
When did the Renaissance occur?
a) 1800-1900 b) 1200-1300 c) 1100-1300 d) 1350-1500
What do humanists study?
a) The skies b) Philosophy, literature and art c) Science d) History
The Renaissance was inspired by what two ancient civilizations?
a) Greece and Spain b) Rome and France c) Greece and Germany d) Greece and Rome
What was the name of the banking family that ruled Italy. They were wealthy and hired painters.
a) Mario b) Medici c) Florence d) Shakespeare
What was the name of the time period that happened in Europe before the Renaissance?
a) Ottoman Empire b) Roman Empire c) WWI d) Middle Ages
Most of the Renaissance began and grew in which country?
a) Italy b) England c) France d) Spain
What does the term 'Renaissance' mean
a) the past b) to be reborn c) to be enlightened d) to gain intelligence
'A small nation ruled by a city' describes which of the following
a) civilization b) theology c) city-state d) rebirth
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