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What does Independent Mean
a) Free b) Alone c) Need Someone d) Helpless
What document did Thomas Jefferson write
a) Constitution b) Declaration of Independence c) Mayflower Compact d) Freedom Papers
All men are created _________?
a) Happy b) Together c) Equal d) Superior
The leaders of the 13 colonies met in _____ on _____ date
a) Georgia, July 4, 1774 b) Boston, July 4, 1774 c) Virginia, July 4, 1776 d) Pennsylvania, July 4, 1776
What were the Americans in the colonies that did not want to be free callded
a) Loyalist b) Traders c) Turn Coats d) Rats
Who was the leader of the American Army at this time
a) Lincoln b) Jefferson c) Washington d) Obama
James Armistead was a _____ for the Americans
a) Spy b) Worker c) Cook d) Fan
What was the name of the famous woman who helped in teh war
a) Ann Frank b) Martha Stuart c) Betty Crocker d) Molly Pitcher
What was the name of a famous Jew that helped in the war
a) Amsel b) Salomon c) Beckman d) Seinfeld
After the Americans gained their independence, what did they call the country
a) Free States b) New Britain c) United States d) New World
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