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What is the term for branches of the government limiting and control each other?
a) separation of powers b) dictatorships c) absolute monarchy d) checks and balances
What do we call the division of powers into branches of government?
a) natural rights b) constitution c) separation of powers d) Magna Carta
What are rights that believed to belong to all humans from birth?
a) natural rights b) democracy c) Enlightenment d) divine right
What is the time period that saw philsophical changes in government that focused on individuals rights?
a) Scientific Revolution b) Enlightenment c) Age of Exploration d) American Revolution
What is an agreement between citizens nd their ruler or government?
a) social contract b) philosophy c) constitution d) separation of powers
What is the heliocentric theory?
a) sun-centered universe b) moon-centered universe c) mars-centered universe d) earth-centered universe
What is the geocentric theory?
a) sun-centered universe b) earth-centered universe c) moon-centered universe d) mars-centered universe
What is the study of knowledge and thinking?
a) constitution b) reason c) philosophy d) social contract
What is reason?
a) use of religious thinkin b) use of scientific and logical thinking c) use of mathematical thinking d) use of artsy thinking
What method was made up during the Scientific Revolution to help scientists find a proven answer scientifically?
a) reason b) religion c) Enlightenment d) scientific method
What document was inspired by the Enlightenment thinkers and declared America's independence from Britain?
a) Magna Carta b) Declaration of Independence c) social contract d) reason
What is the time period when people started using science to explain things?
a) Age of Exploration b) Scientific Revolution c) American Revolution d) French Revolution
What type of government allows its citizens to choose who will represent them in the decision-making process of the government?
a) absolute monarchy b) dictatorship c) representative democracy d) constitutional monarchy
What is a monarchy that is ruled by an elected assembly and limited by law?
a) absolute monarchy b) unlimited government c) representative democracy d) constitutional monarchy
What document outlines what a government can and cannot do?
a) constitution b) social contract c) Magna Carta d) Declaration of Independence
What document was England's first step to a limited government?
a) constitution b) Magna Carta c) Declaration of Independence d) social contract
What type of government has a king/queen in total control over its citizens?
a) limited government b) democracy c) constitutional monarchy d) absolute monarchy
What idea did monarchs use to say that God gave them the power to rule?
a) philosophy b) reason c) social contract d) divine right
What type of government allows the ruler to have total control over the citizens?
a) limited government b) unlimited government c) democracy d) constitutional monarchy
What type of government is power restricted by the people?
a) limited government b) unlimited government c) absolute monarchy d) dictatorship
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