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Which one is classified as INTEREST
a) People b) Courage c) Hobbies d) Relationships
How is attitude characterized
a) Negative b) Outgoing c) Independent d) Self Assurance
How are interests be categorized
a) Hobbies, Activites, or Subjects b) Relationships, Responsibility and Achievement c) Hobbies, Relationships, or Things d) Things, data, people, or Ideas
Your interest is defined as
a) A checklist that points to your strongest interest b) Your favorite activiites c) What you believe are important d) Your potential for learning a skill
What are values
a) What you believe are important to you b) Your favorite activites c) Your favorite hobbies d) Your motive or drive
This makes you different from everyone else
a) Values b) Skills c) Personality d) Self Awarness
This person likes to ask questions, do experiments and work with numbers
a) Verbal/Spatial b) Musical/Rhythmic c) Logical/Mathematical d) Kinesthetic/Bodily
This person likes to work alone and pursue interest at his/her pace
a) INTERpersonal b) Self assessment c) Naturalistic d) INTRApersonal
This person like to touch and move around
a) Visual/Spatial b) Kinesthetic/Bodily c) Verbal/Linguistic d) INTRpersonal
This person likes to sing, hum, and play an instrument
a) Rhythmic Learner b) Logical c) Naturalistic d) Verbal/Linguistic
This person likes to spend time outdoors and working with plants and animals
a) Naturalistic b) Musical c) Logical d) Linguistic
This person likes to draw, build, and design things
a) Verbal b) Logical c) Visual/Spatial d) Interpersoanl/Learner
This person has alot of friends and likes to talk to people
a) INTRApersonal b) Verbal/Linguistic c) INTERpersonal d) Naturalistic
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