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outstanding; excellent
a) attitude b) concert c) spellbound d) magnificent
best; most excellent
a) finest b) spellbound c) section d) forbidden
to declare as one's own
a) finest b) section c) claim d) attitude
a way of acting, thinking, or feeling
a) claim b) forbidden c) spellbound d) attitude
off limits
a) spellbound b) section c) forbidden d) claim
fascinated; filled with delight or wonder
a) spellbound b) magnificent c) finest d) attitude
a streetcar that runs on tracks and gets its power from an electric wire overhead
a) trolley b) civilizations c) spellbound d) section
a part of an area
a) concert b) finest c) section d) claim
an advanced human society
a) trolley b) civilizations c) concert d) forbidden
a musical performance
a) magnificent b) section c) attitude d) concert
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