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a drug that is used to kill harmful bacteria and to cure infections
a) Antibiotic b) Disease c) Bacteria d) Infection
an illness that affects a person, animal, or plant : a condition that prevents the body or mind from working normally
a) Antibiotic b) Disease c) Infection d) Bacteria
any one of a group of very small living things that often cause disease
a) Infection b) Antibiotic c) Disease d) Bacteria
a disease caused by germs that enter the body
a) Infection b) bacteria c) disease d) antibiotic
an artificial device that replaces a missing or injured part of the body
a) Prosthetic b) Amputee c) GPS d) SCUBA
a radio system that uses signals from satellites to tell you where you are and to give you directions to other places
a) Biomedical Engineering b) GPS c) SCUBA d) Amputee
a sport or activity in which you swim underwater using an air tank and a special breathing machine that you strap on your body
a) GPS b) Prosthetic c) Amputee d) SCUBA
the application of engineering principles and design concepts to medicine and biology for healthcare purpose
a) Biomedical Engineering b) Prosthetic c) Amputee d) Bacteria
a natural resource that can be replaced in a reasonable amount of time; wind, solar, hydroelectricity, ethanol
a) Nonrenewable Resource b) Renewable Resource c) Amputee d) Bacteria
a natural resource that cannot be replaced reasonably soon
a) Renewable Resource b) Antibiotic c) Nonrenewable d) Energy
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