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Find all the factors of 63
a) 1,3,7,9,63 b) 1,4,8,23 c) 7,9,63,2,1 d) 5,8,6,62
What does N represent in this problem 32,000/n=8/000?
a) n=40 b) n=5 c) n=4 d) n=20
Divide 60/360
a) 7 b) 60 c) 15 d) 6
Divide 601.4/10
a) 7.124 b) 60.14 c) 6.014 d) 6014
What is the definition for the word pentomino?
a) Same shape and same size. b) Separets a figure into congruent parts. c) Five coungruent squares joined side to side. d) Same shape but no nesscarily the same size.
How much lines of symmetry does the letter H have.
a) 2 b) 1 c) 3 d) 5
Complete 12/36=?/18
a) 24/18 b) 7/18 c) 5/18 d) 6/18
Make 7and3/10 as a inmproper fraction
a) 64/5 b) 73/10 c) 8/15 d) 70/10
a) a b) a c) a d) a
a) a b) a c) a d) a
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