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Created law and order in the backcountry
a) Prprietors b) Regulators c) Slaves d) Planters
Small towns created to attract immigration in the colony
a) Township b) City Walk c) Uptown d)
A colony ruled by the King of the Mother Country
a) Free Colony b) Proprietary Coloy c) Royal Colony d)
Rules in absence of the King
a) Royal Governor b) Wealthy planter c) Indian Chief d)
South Carolina were not happy with the proprietors because...
a) They stole their treasures b) They were not protecting the colonists c) They didn't allow freedom of religion d)
Most important city in Carolina in the 1700's
a) Columbia b) Camden c) Charleston d) Lancaster
First laws in Carolina
a) Slave Codes b) Fundamental Constitutions c) Goose Creek d) Bill of Rights
A grant of land to attract settlers
a) Headright System b) Slave Codes c) Mercantilism d) Naval Stores
Language spoken by slaves
a) French b) Spanish c) Gullah d) Algonquian
Pitch and tar used to build ships
a) Naval Stores b) Rice c) Indigo d) Factions
First Cash Crop in Carolina
a) Cotton b) Wheat c) Rice d) Corn
Owners of the Carolina colony who were granted land by the king of England
a) Woodland Indians b) Slaves c) Dissenters d) Lords proprietors
Laws put in place to restrict the rights of slaves
a) Slave Codes b) Fundamental Constitutuions c) Bill of Rights d) Headright System
Exporting more than you import
a) Imperialism b) Mercantilism c) Fascism d) Communism
The trip for slaves across the Atlantic
a) Stono Rebellion b) Embargo c) Middle Passage d)
Nickname for rice
a) Carolina Gold b) Yellow Gold c) Carolina Cash d)
First slave rebellion in SC
a) Pontiacs Rebellion b) Stono Rebellion c) Shays Rebellion d)
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