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the ability to cause changes, exert forces or do work
a) Energy b) Solar Energy c) Electrical Energy d) Biomass
radiant energy emitted by the sun
a) Fossil Fuels b) Biomass c) Electrical Energy d) Solar Energy
energy carried by an electric current
a) Solar Energy b) Electrical Energy c) Biomass d) Wind Energy
organic matter used as a fuel
a) Fossil Fuels b) Wind Energy c) Biomass d) Geothermal Energy
the fuel formed deep in Earth’s crust from the remains of plants and animals; coal, oil, and natural gas
a) Fossil fuels b) Wind Energy c) Geothermal Energy d) Hydroelectricity
energy from the wind used to generate electricity
a) Geothermal Energy b) Wind Energy c) Hydroelectricity d) Chemical Energy
energy made by the heating of Earth’s interior
a) Energy b) Solar Energy c) Electrical Energy d) Geothermal Energy
electrical current produced by water flowing through a turbine.
a) Hydroelectric Energy b) Chemical Energy c) Solar Energy d) Nuclear Energy
energy stored in chemical bonds
a) Biomass b) nonrenewable c) renewable d) chemical energy
energy release by changes to the nuclei of atoms
a) Nuclear Energy b) global Warming c) nonrenewable d) Solar Energy
a gradual rise in Earth’s average temperature
a) Global Warming b) Wind Energy c) Biomass d) Nuclear Energy
energy that includes both kinetic energy (energy of motion) and potential energy (stored energy).
a) Energy b) Nonrenewable c) Mechanical Energy d) Biomass
a natural resource that cannot be replaced reasonably soon
a) Nonrenewable Resource b) Renewable Resource c) Geothermal Energy d) Chemical Energy
a natural resource that can be replaced in a reasonable amount of time; wind, solar, hydroelectricity, ethanol
a) Nonrenewable Resource b) Electrical Energy c) Renewable Resource d) Geothermal Energy
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