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Who was the first to build sewers and aqueducts?
a) Romans b) Greeks c) Chinese d) Egyptians
Who was the first to use Chemistry to advance pharmacology and require doctors to pass an exam for their license?
a) Greeks b) Romans c) Arabs d) Egyptians
The Chinese believed:
a) To cure the body, you must nourish the spirit b) To cure the body, you drink plenty of water c) To cure the body, you eat a healthy lunch d) To cure the body, you must sleep 8 hours per night
Who were the first to keep accurate medical records?
a) Greeks b) Egyptians c) Chinese d) Romans
Ancient Egyptians, the physicians were:
a) Priests b) Soldiers c) Women d) None of the above
In Ancient Egyptians, illness was treated with
a) Bloodletting and leeches b) pills c) herbs and plants d) trepanation
During Primitive Times, what might a witch doctor give you if you were sick?
a) a vaccine b) plants and herbs c) healing stones d) pills
What disease occured during the Middle Ages and killed 75% of people in Europe and Asia.
a) Yellow Fever b) Polio c) Bubonic Plague d) Diabetes
The Greeks believed disease was caused by:
a) evil spirts b) natural causes c) Voodoo d) Gods
Acceptance of dissection of the body, invention of the printing press , and renewed interest in the science of medicine all occured in the:
a) Middle ages b) Dark ages c) Renaissance d) 20th century
What is trephining?
a) Boring a hole in the head to release evil spirts b) a ceremony c) a joke d) a way of transportation
The printing press was an important invention because:
a) Monks no longer had to hand copy books b) It allowed books to be printed and medical information to be shared more easily c) It created more jobs d) It allowed laws to be printed.
In primitive times, people believed the cause of illness was:
a) bacteria b) viruses c) poor nutrition d) punishment from the Gods
The Dark Ages was a time when the study of medicine was prohibited. What event marked the begining of the Dark Ages?
a) The Great Flood b) The fall of the Roman Empire c) War of 1812 d) The Battle of the Bulge
The first surgery was:
a) trepanation b) appendectomy c) skin cleansing d) hysterectomy
In primitive times, tribal witch doctors treated illness with ceremonies to:
a) drive out evil spirits b) comfort the family c) celebrate the birth of f child d) save the souls from dying
The ancient Greeks were the 1st to observe the human body and the effects of disease. They used therapies such as:
a) prayers and ceremonies b) massage and art c) psychology and counseling d) acunpuncture and meditation
What period were medical Universities created
a) Middle Ages b) Dark Ages c) Renaissance d) Primitive Times
What period was dissection of the body allowed to learn Anatomy and Physiology?
a) Renaissance b) Middle Ages c) Dark Ages d) Primitive times
The first anatomy book was published by
a) Vesalius b) Monet c) Jenner d) Pasteur
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