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The word arthropod means ___.
a) a large brain b) jointed foot c) spiny skin d) paralyzing toxin
The ___ of crustaceans make them different from all other arthropods
a) segmented bodies b) head capsules c) double antennae d) chitinous skeletons
Seventy-five percent of all animal species are classified as ___.
a) arthropods b) mollusks c) mammals d) echinoderms
The three main body parts of an insect are ___.
a) antennae, head, and abdomen b) antennae, head, and thorax c) head, thorax, and abdomen d) head, abdomen, and legs.
Millipedes have ___ of legs per segment.
a) one pairs b) two pairs c) three pairs d) four pairs
Which insect goes through incomplete metamorphosis?
a) a grasshopper b) a beetle c) a fly d) an ant
During complete metamorphosis that forms an insect, a(n) ___ is inactive within a cocoon.
a) egg b) larva c) pupa d) adult
Insects have a rigid ___ made of chitin.
a) exoskeleton b) endoskeleton c) nonskeleton d) none of the answers
Many arthropods have feelers called ___ that respond to touch or taste.
a) mandibles b) antennae c) segmented legs d) compound eyes
Centipedes and millipedes have jaws called ___.
a) mandibles b) antennae c) segmented legs d) compound eyes
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