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The step of Scientific inquiry when you perform a scientific investigation.
a) Ask a question b) Test a hypothesis c) Analyze Results d) Communicate results
The step of Scientific Inquiry when a possible explanation for an observation that can be tested is stated
a) Conclusion b) Analyze results c) Communicate results d) Hypothesis
First step of Scientific Inquiry.
a) Hypothesize and predict b) Ask a question c) Test the hypothesis d) Communicate results
The step of Scientific Inquiry when data is sorted and graphed.
a) Communicate results b) Analyze results c) Hypothesize and precict d) Draw Conclusions
A branch of science also called Biology.
a) Life Science b) Physical Science c) Earth Science d) General Science
The branch of Science that includes matter, energy and chemistry.
a) Earth Science b) General Science c) Life Science d) Physical Science
The branch of science that includes rocks, soil, oceans and atmosphere.
a) General Science b) Life Science c) Earth Science d) Physical Science
Type of observation using one or more of your senses.
a) Qualitative b) Asking a question c) Quantitative d) Conclusion
Type of observation expressed in numbers including mass, time, distance and temperature.
a) Qualitative b) Asking a question c) Quantitative d) Conclusion
A personal view about a topic.
a) Fact b) Skepticism c) Critical thinking d) Opinion
Finding new information through investigations and explorations of natural events.
a) Science b) Observation c) Experiments d) Asking a question
Something that is true or well defined.
a) Opinion b) Fact c) An answer d) A question
Comparing what you already know with information you are given to make a decision.
a) Critical thinking b) Skepticisim c) Fact d) Opinion
When a scientists is doubtful.
a) Critically thinking b) Hypothesizing c) Predicting d) Skeptical
A statement of what will happen next in a sequence of events.
a) Prediction b) Observation c) Analyze results d) Conclusion
A hypothesis that has been tested many times and is supported by many investigations.
a) Scientific law b) Scientific theory c) Hypotheisis d) Conclusion
A rule that describes a pattern in nature
a) Scientific theory b) Hypothesis c) Conclusion d) Scientific law
The step of Scientific Inquiry when a scientist study the information from the results and makes an inference.
a) Hypothesize and Predict b) Analyze Results c) Communicate Results d) Draw Conclusions
The act of using your senses to gather information take notes of what occurs.
a) Hypothesis b) Observation c) Prediction d) Conclusion
A possible explanation for an observation that can be tested through scientific investigations
a) Critical Thinking b) Conclusion c) Observation d) Hypothesis
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