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How many original colonies were there?
a) 13 b) 12 c) 10 d) 8
The people of Great Britain were called?
a) Brits b) British c) People of Britain d) Americans
Who won the French and Indian War?
a) French b) Indian c) English d) Canada
What was the money sent from America to Britain called?
a) Tax b) Ransom c) Payment d) Pay-off
What was the law called that enforced the tax?
a) Tea Act b) Money Act c) Pay Act d) Stamp Act
Who made the laws for Britain?
a) Senate b) House c) Parliament d) President
What did the largest city in Boston have near the Atlantic Ocean?
a) Port b) Store c) Police d) Army
What was it called when Americans threw all the tea overboard the ship?
a) Boston Tea Party b) Atlantic Tea Party c) Water Tea Party d) King Tea Party
The Tea Party made the king?
a) Happy b) Mad c) Sad d) Jealous
In 1775, What happened?
a) American Revolution b) British Revolution c) Canadian Revolution d) German Revolution
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