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This staff member works under the lighting designer and operates manual and computer-controlled lighting systems . Who is it?
a) a director b) a lighting designer c) a lighting technician d) a set designer
If there is a rip in a costume who is responsible for fixing it?
a) The costume crew b) The makeup crew c) The lighting designer d) The stage manager
.Lighting designers and technicians must stay up-to-date with the ____________________ in the industry.
a) Advances in technologies and techniques b) Advances of ELD lights c) Night lights d) weights and counter-weights
What is the lighting designer’s main responsibility that is created for the production?
a) creating dim-lit stage. b) electricity problems c) hanging curtains d) creating an atmosphere or time of day for the production.
What is a director's main responsibility?
a) the money b) yelling at actors c) coordinating the entire staff d) telling actors where to walk
Who does a Director depend on to get everything in place for performances?
a) Lighting Designer b) Stage Manager c) Actors d) Makeup Artists
All of the paperwork from the show and the script are kept in the stage managers ______________.
a) Backpack b) Prompt Book c) File Cabinet d) Script
What should directors do before they start rehearsals?
a) plan schedules, think about casting, and develop a concept b) plan dinner for each night of rehearsal c) hire all of thier friends as actors d) plan the intermission, the seating arrangments, and the curtain call
Whose job is to organize all notes and materials for the productions? They also makes sure that actors are memorizing ther lines and keeps rehearsals running on time
a) Producer b) Director c) Stage Manager d) Actors
The costume crew assists the performers with ________________
a) storing and drying the costumes b) changing costumes and doing laundry c) hairstyles and staying in character d) changing characters and spraying febreeze on the costumes
The makeup crew is responsible for ___________________ to the performers
a) giving facials b) improving the look c) giving pedicures d) applying cosmetics
______________ is the person who collects, purchases, and/or creates the props for the production
a) Dressers b) Props Head c) Scenic Designer d) Stage Manager
The props crew is responsible for___________________ all the props. They work under the guidance of the Head of props .
a) pulling and pushing b) cleaning and securing c) moving and organizing d) hiding and finding
Props is short for ______________.
a) Properties b) Mad Props c) Propping up the set d) Propping up the actors
What production staff member analyzes what the play requires for a set, and collaborates with the other production departments?
a) Props Head b) Director c) Stage Manager d) Scenic Designer
Scenic Designer decides what changes in the set will help to indicate a ______________________
a) New Location b) Live Performance c) Conflict in the Story d) Time of Day
Their job is to imagine, draft, build and paint scenery for the show.
a) Floor Manager b) Techinical Director c) Scenic Designer d) Painting Crew
________________________ discovered the secret of linear perspective.
a) Thespis b) Filippo Brunelleschi c) Plautus d) Pedro Calderon
_________________ was the first person to ever act on stage as an actor playing a character in a play.
a) Terrance b) Thespis c) Plautus d) Euripides
A person who plays a role in a theater production.
a) Director b) Manager c) Actor d) Dancer
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