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The more gears and moving parts a machine has, the _______ energy is lost to friction.
a) less b) more c) no d)
The force you used to move something is called the __________.
a) load b) effort force c) fulcrum d)
Machines that have few parts are called _______________.
a) simple b) compound c) complex d)
The measure of how much useful work a machine puts out compared to the work put into it is called its ________.
a) force b) load c) efficiency d)
The object being moved by the lever is called the _________________.
a) fulcrum b) effort force c) load d)
When the pulley wheel is attached to something so that it cannot change position it is called a _____________________,
a) fixed pulley b) movable pulley c) inclined plane d)
Two inclined planes put back to back form a _________________.
a) wedge b) screw c) inclined plane d)
A bar or plank and a fixed point, called a fulcrum are the two parts of a _________.
a) wedge b) screw c) lever d)
Many simple machines, such as a sharp-edged pieces of stone, are often called _______.
a) levers b) tools c) compound d)
Levers are classified into three groups depending on where the _______ is located.
a) effort force b) load c) fulcrum d)
When the pulley wheel is not attached to some fixed objects so that it moves with the force your apply, it is a ______
a) fixed pulley b) movable and fixed pulley c) movable d)
Anything that helps you do work or make work easier is called a ________.
a) machine b) fulcrum c) effort force d)
A wheel and bar that passes through the center of the wheel are the two parts of a ________.
a) gear b) wheel and axle c) pulley d)
An inclined plane twisted into a spiral is called a _____________.
a) lever b) pulley c) screw d)
A flat, slanted surface can be used as an _________________
a) wedge b) inclined plane c) lever d)
Wheels with teeth are called ____________________.
a) wheel and axle b) wedge c) gears d)
Two or more simple machines make up a ______________ machine.
a) simple b) compound c) complex d)
Scissors are made up of two wedges that are arranged as two _______ class levers.
a) 1st b) 2nd c) 3rd d)
The point where the blades are connected on scissors is the __________.
a) handles b) blades c) fulcrum d)
Blinds have a _____________ that helps to raise and lower the blinds.
a) lever b) screw c) pulley d)
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