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The precipitation of this type of biome is 5-500 centimeters a year.
a) Marsh b) Coral Reef c) River d) Estuary
The average yearly precipitation of this biome is 250-1500 millimeters of rainfall.
a) Streams b) Coral Reef c) Estuary d) Marshes
An estuary has how much yearly precipitation?
a) under 20 inches b) over 1500 inches c) it is hard to say because rainfall varies by the estuarie's location. d) over 3000 inches
The average temperature of this biome is between 64-95 degrees F.
a) Swamps b) Marshes c) Estuaries d) Coral Reefs
The temperature in this biome varies greatly because of shallow water.
a) Coral Reef b) Estuary c) Saltwater Marsh d) Freshwater Marsh
Temperatures in marshes can be as low as-
a) 20 degrees F b) 50 degrees F c) Below Freezing d) 35 degrees F
Average temperatures in marshes can be as high as
a) Over 90 degrees F b) Over 130 degrees F c) Over 50 degrees F d) none of the above
Crabs and shrimp are most likely to be found in which of the following biomes?
a) Rivers b) Swamps c) Salt Marshes d) Coral Reefs
An example of this biome is the Everglades in Florida
a) Freshwater Marsh b) Saltwater Marsh c) River d) Estuary
Migratory birds use these biomes a gret deal for food and shelter
a) Estuary b) Swamp c) Coral Reef d) River
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