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When he realized everyone in the room was staring at him, he quickly ___________ his eyes and looked down.
a) averted b) putrid c) confidential d) vigil
Upon entering the house, we detected the ____ odor of a decaying animal.
a) averted b) putrid c) pyrotechnic d) confidential
In preparation for her night's ___________ in the mansion, Turtle brought sandwiches, a cross, and a drink.
a) vigil b) cuisine c) nape d) putrid
Sam Westing was considered a smart businessman, an _______________.
a) beneficiary b) pyrotechnic c) executor d) industrialist
Since he was named ____ of the Westing estate, Ed Plum had to make sure every detail in the will was carried out.
a) executor b) confidential c) industrialist d) vigil
The entire town looked forward to the elaborate ____________ display of fireworks.
a) putrid b) pyrotechnic c) cuisine d) industrialist
I was named as a _______________ in my grandma's will.
a) industrialist b) pyrotechnic c) beneficiary d) confidential
Don't worry, anything you tell me is strictly ____________.
a) executor b) confidential c) averted d) beneficiary
Mr. Hoo served Chinese ____________ at his restaurant.
a) cuisine b) nape c) vigil d) putrid
I think that wearing her hair at the _________ of her neck is ugly.
a) nape b) putrid c) averted d) executor
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