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The place where land and a body of water meet.
a) beachline b) shoreline c) d)
What is a large hole in weak rock near a sea cliff called?
a) sea arch b) wave-cut terrace c) sea stack d) sea cave
A water current that moves in a zigzag pattern along a beach.
a) longshore current b) off-shore current c) d)
What is formed when waves cut completely through the rock in a sea cave?
a) sea cave b) wave-cut terrace c) sea arch d) sea stack
The time interval between breaking waves.
a) wave period b) wave time c) d)
What is an offshore column of rock that was once connected tot he mainland called?
a) sea cave b) seaweed c) sea stack d) sea arch
A group of waves.
a) wave bus b) wave train c) d)
What is formed when a sea cliff is worn back, forming a platform?
a) wave-cut terrace b) sea shelf c) sea wall d) sea arch
An area of the shoreline made of material deposited by waves.
a) playground b) beach c) d)
What agents cause erosion
a) ice b) water c) wind d) all of the above
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