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It is a composition in prose presented in dialogue.
a) Essay b) Drama c) Novel d) Poetry
It is an elements of drama that includes the time and place.
a) Character b) Plot c) Setting d) Theme
It is called as a framework of the drama.
a) Character b) Plot c) Setting d) Theme
It is the mode of expression and the central idea.
a) Ending b) Plot c) Theme d) Setting
It is the human representation.
a) Complication b) Crisis c) Character d) Setting
It is a thought, a theory, a stand point, a point of view.
a) Poetry b) Drama c) Essay d) Novel
“Essai” is came from what language?
a) Latin b) French c) Greek d) American
What is the meaning of “essai”?
a) A knowledge b) A Practice c) A thought d) A test
It is the reason for writing.
a) Idea b) Stimuli c) Motive d) Thesis
It is the continuity of the idea and a smooth flow of the essay.
a) Structure b) Evidences c) Implications d) Coherence
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