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1.) England and Scotland had shared Monarchs since 1603, which is otherwise known as Union of the _________
a) • Crown b) o Flag c) o Wales d) o Gaels
2.) In the evolution of Union Flag of Great Britain, ______ was the only one not represented as it was still part of one of the kingdom.
a) o Druids b) • Wales c) o Angels d) o Stone henge
3.) In the social structure of Celtic tribes, the _______ are priest who settled disputes, presided over spiritual rituals, among other things.
a) o Thralls b) o Gaels c) • Animism d) o Druids
4.) Remains from the Mesolithic, Neolithic, and Bronze Age, such as ______ believed to be a burial place (3000 to 2000BC) and Avebury, (2600BC), believed to be a pagan worship place were proofs that England has been inhabited by humans prior to Ce
a) o Angels b) o Briton c) o Druids d) • Stone henge
5.) The Anglo-Saxon society is composed of tribal units called kingdom, which was ruled by a king, chosen by the council of elders called Druids.
a) o Thralls b) • Witans c) o Angles d) o Meads
6.) After the Romans left Britain, it was invaded by Anglos, Jutes and Saxons who came from Denmark, Holland, Germany and Scandinavia in 449.
a) o Danelaw b) o Meads c) • Angles d) o Witans
7.) The Anglo-Saxons love picking, a conflict of wits between two warriors where each praises his own deeds and belittle the other’s.
a) o Meads b) o Angels c) o Witans d) • Flyting
8.) The Thrall hall is said to be safest place in the kingdom because all of the soldier are gathered there.
a) o Witans b) o Thralls c) • Meads d) o Venerable
9.) One of the four major manuscripts of Anglo-Saxon is the Exeter Book which is also known as the Caedmon manuscript.
a) o Danelaw b) o Venerable c) o Meads d) • Janius manuscript
10.) By the middle of 9th century, most of England had fallen, the Viking increased their territory which is called Norselaw.
a) o Britons b) • Danelaw c) o Thralls d) o Wales
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