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I've copied something, now I want to paste it...
a) Ctrl + V b) Ctrl + X c) Ctrl + C d) Ctrl + Alt + Delete
I'm gonna select everything mommy!
a) Ctrl + B b) Ctrl + C c) Ctrl + A d) Ctrl + V
I think my webpage is frozen.
a) Ctrl + F b) Ctrl + Z c) F5 d) F1
Cut it out!
a) Ctrl + A b) Ctrl + T c) Ctrl + A d) Ctrl + X
We italicize the titles of things that can stand by themselves
a) Ctrl + F b) Ctrl + A c) Ctrl + I d) Ctrl + T
That's important! You should underline it!
a) Ctrl + I b) Ctrl + P c) Ctrl + U d) Ctrl + C
Copy that!
a) Ctrl + T b) Ctrl + V c) Ctrl + X d) Ctrl + C
I need to print out my homework.
a) Ctrl + V b) Ctrl + P c) Ctrl + A d) Ctrl + B
I'd like to search for a keyword, but the webpage has a lot of words on it! I can use this to highlight the keyword I want.
a) Ctrl + W b) Ctrl + Z c) Ctrl + F d) Ctrl + T
Be careful with this shortcut, it will end the world! (Or your entire window)
a) Ctrl + Z b) Ctrl + W c) Ctrl + V d) Ctrl + X
Oops! I did it again, I made a mistake, bring it back! (Ms. Tapia's favorite shortcut)
a) Ctrl + V b) F5 c) Ctrl + Z d) Ctrl + C
This makes a word look stronger to draw attention to it... we shouldn't use it too much though!
a) Ctrl + I b) Ctrl + U c) Ctrl + B d) Ctrl + A
Open a new tab in your web browser!
a) Ctrl + A b) Ctrl + W c) Ctrl + N d) Ctrl + T
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