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Common noun
a) Shoes b) Upset c) Samantha d) Flock
Abstract noun
a) Andrew b) Hate c) Table d) Cushions
Proper Noun
a) Town b) Love c) Pride d) Kettering
Collective Noun
a) Herd b) Jumpers c) Craig d) Excited
Proper Noun
a) Team b) Africa c) Angry d) Music
Common Noun
a) Thames b) Tree c) Shoal d) Northamptonshire
Collective Noun
a) Squid b) Glove c) Squad d) Squid
Abstract Noun
a) Telephone b) Post Office c) Embarrassment d) California
a) Over-the-counter b) He c) Shame d) Water
Compound Noun
a) Kettle b) Juice c) Keyboard d) Curiosity
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