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a) 123 R1 b) 112 R2 c) 101 d) 150 R7
a) 20 R2 b) 10 R3 c) 15 R2 d) 150
a) 5000 b) 5200 c) 4000 d) 6000
a) 3200 b) 9000 c) 9610 d) 1020
wich one has more than ten lines of symmetry
a) square b) star c) circle d) rectangle
what has a right angle
a) rectangle b) rhombus c) trapezoid d) triangle
what is correct
a) 3/4 = 5/9 b) 9/10<3/6 c) 2/8=2/12 d) 4/5>1/2
what is 15/4 in mixed form
a) 3 3/4 b) 5 6/8 c) 9 1/2 d) 8 2/5
what is the best sport
a) soccer b) football c) baceball d) hockey
what are the best color
a) red and blue b) black and wight c) orange and pink d) green and gray
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