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Government where the legislative and executive branches are separate but equal
a) parliamentary b) presidential c) unitary d) divine right
Government where if the legislative and executive branches argue, the executive must resign
a) parliamentary b) presidential c) unitary d) divine right
Type of government where the rulers have all of the power
a) democracy b) presidential c) parliamentary d) dictatorship
First document that limited what the monarch could do
a) Bill of Rights b) Parliament c) Magna Carta d) Constitution
Document that creates our government
a) Magna Carta b) Constitution c) Parliament d) Congress
Type of government where all of the laws originate from one, national capitol
a) unitary b) confederation c) federal d) presidential
a group of sovereign states that come together for a common goal
a) unitary b) confederation c) federal d) presidential
To which political party would conservatives most likely belong?
a) Nazi b) Republican c) Democrat d) Green
If I am like most Americans, where do I fall of the political spectrum?
a) far left b) left c) middle d) right
A government that can only use the powers given to it by the people is an example of which idea?
a) federalism b) limited government c) separation of powers d) divine right
Which person would MOST likely support lower taxes and higher military spending?
a) liberal b) radical c) conservative d) reactionary
Texas is not a state. Why?
a) It is not sovereign b) The Texas population is too large c) Texas does not have its own government d) Because the Texas Constitution says so
What type of government allows the national government to make some laws and the state governments to make the rest?
a) Unitary b) Confederation c) Federal d) Presidential
If Ms. Adams and her cat army take over Norway after a great battle, which theory of the origin of the state is reflected?
a) Divine Right b) Social Contract c) Force d) Evolutionary
What institution makes the laws and carries out the laws?
a) Bill of Rights b) Government c) Democracy d) Dictatorship
Who has sovereignty in an oligarchy?
a) One person b) A small group of people c) All of the people d) The elected leaders
Which document (inspired by an English document) lists the protections from the national government?
a) Magna Carta b) Bill of Rights c) Dictatorship d) Parliament
Which theory of the creation of the state would result in the government having the LEAST amount of power?
a) Force b) Social Contract c) Divine Right d) Evolutionary
Which person on the political spectrum wants a rapid return to the past?
a) reactionary b) radical c) liberal d) moderate
Which American document borrowed John Locke's idea of natural rights?
a) Magna Carta b) Parliament c) Declaration of Independence d) Constitution
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