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Which of these explorers may have reached America before Columbus did?
a) Ferdinand Magellan b) Leif Erikson c) Amerigo Vespucci d) Hernande Cortes
When Columbus reached Cuba, he thought it was
a) The Indies b) Japan c) Hispaniola d) Asia
How many total expeditions did Columbus lead?
a) seven b) three c) one d) four
Who was the first to realize that the Americas were not Asia?
a) Amerigo Vespucci b) Ferdinand Magellan c) Hernando Cortez d) SpongeBob Square Pants
Which explorer discovered a strait that bears his name?
a) Bering b) Magellan c) Vespucci d) Balboa
The Colombian Exchange was a transfer of people, goods, and ideas between
a) the northern and Southern hemispheres b) the Eastern and Western hemispheres c) Africa and the Americas d) Asia and the Americas
What happened when Montezuma offered Cortes gold to get him to leave?
a) He took the gold and returned to Spain. b) He formed a partnership with the Aztecs. c) The Aztecs declared Cortes their leader? d) He took Montezuma hostage and claimed Mexico for Spain.
When the Incas paid Pizarro a ransom for their leader, Pizarro
a) executed the leader and conquered the Incas b) formed a partnership with the Incas c) took the ransom and the leader back to Spain d) released the leader, then captured their capital city
Coronado explored much of New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas while
a) looking for the northwest passage b) looking for Mexico City c) looking for a golden city d) looking for Floridia
Who gave Florida its name?
a) Hernando Cortes b) Juan Ponce de Leon c) Francisco Pizarro d) Bart Simpson
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