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What does it mean to have a Christian view of the weather?
a) I don't know b) Recognize that God designed weather to work the way it does and He controls it. c) That weather just happens by random chance. d) Recognize that their is a God but it has nothing to do with the weather.
Name three things that you might find in a local weather report.
a) Forecasted precipitation, Actual temperatures, Actual sports scores b) Forecasted temperature, Forecasted sports scores, Comics c) Forecasted temperature, Forecasted precipitation, location of weather fronts d) Actual temperatures, Actual precipitation, The exosphere
What is the outermost part of the atmosphere called?
a) Troposhere b) Mesosphere c) Stratosphere d) Exosphere
What three events recorded in the Bible drastically affected the surface of the earth?
a) Creation, Cross, Christianity b) Creation, Fall and the Flood c) Freedom, Fall and the Flood d) Birth, Death and Resurrection of Jesus
What two gases comprise the majority of our atmosphere?
a) Oxygen and Helium b) Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide c) Nitrogen and Carbon Dioxide d) Nitrogen and Oxygen
List three ways the atmosphere protects life on earth.
a) Vacuum of space, Harmful radiation, Extreme temperatures b) Air to breathe, Meteors, Aliens c) Vacuum of space, Mesosphere, Air pressure d) Humidity, Thermosphere, Air presssure
What are scientists called who study the atmosphere?
a) Hydrologists b) Astronomers c) Meteorologists d) Geologists
Name the 4 areas of earth science:
a) Astrology, Geology, Hydrometer, Meteorology b) Astronomy, Geology, Hydrology, Meteorology c) Astronomy, Geography, Hydrology, Meteorology d) Astronauts, Geology, Hydrology, Meteorolgy
What is temperature
a) Measurement of the energy in the atmosphere b) 98 degrees farenheight c) Measurement of the air pressure in the atmosphere d) 32 degrees celcius
What is absolute humidity?
a) The total amount of pressure in the ocean b) The total amount of moisture in the ocean c) The total amount of pressure in the air d) The total amount of moisture in the air
What is relative humidity?
a) The amount of moisture in the air: Amount of moisture the air could hold. b) The amount of pressure in the air: Amount of moisture the air could hold. c) The amount of moisture in the air: Amount of pressure the air could hold. d) The amount of food I could eat: The amount of food I did eat.
What is precipitation?
a) Rain b) Hail c) Snow d) Any moisture that falls from the atmosphere
What is the major cause of wind?
a) Heating of the ocean by the sun's rays b) Heating of the land by the sun's rays c) Heating of the air by the sun's rays d) Heating of food in microwaves
Weather occurs in which part of the atmosphere?
a) Exosphere b) Thermosphere c) Troposphere d) Stratosphere
What happens to the atmospheric pressure as you go up in altitude?
a) The pressure goes up b) The pressure goes down c) The pressure goes sideways d) The pressure is released
What is the atmosphere?
a) Gases that surround a planet b) Gases that surround a ocean c) Gases that come from humans d) Gases that come from power plants
How much weight does air have?
a) 5 million billion tons b) None c) 5 pounds d) 5 tons
What pulls on the air molecules to make air pressure?
a) Gravy b) Gravity c) Geese d) Green house effect
Why don't we feel the weight of the air molecules?
a) We are asleep b) We do feel it and it hurts c) Our bodies pull the pressure onto us d) Our bodies push with the same amount of pressure
What conditions do meteorologists study?
a) Nitrogen, Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Helium b) Troposphere, Stratosphere, Mesosphere, Thermosphere, Exosphere c) Temperature, Air Pressure, Humidity, Wind, Precipitation d) Weather, Planets, Rocks and the Ocean
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