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The sternal region is ________________ to the vertebral region.
a) Superior b) Anterior c) Medial d) Posterior
What layer of serous membrane is attached to the abdominal cavity wall, serving to anchor the organs in that region?
a) Visceral pericardium b) Visceral peritoneum c) Parietal pleura d) Parietal peritoneum
Which body region is associated with the thigh?
a) Pectoral b) Femoral c) Palmar d) Thoracic
Which body plane bisects the body into posterior and anterior halves?
a) Sagittal b) Frontal c) Transverse d)
Which body region is associated with the shoulder blades?
a) Sacral b) Dorsum c) Scapular d) Sternal
Which body cavity contains the intestines?
a) Cranial b) Spinal c) Mediastinum d) Abdominal
Which region is associated with the ankle?
a) Tarsal b) Thoracic c) Vertebral d) Femoral
Which body cavity contains the lungs?
a) Pericardial b) Pleural c) Cranial d) Spinal
The cervical region is ______________ to the lumbar region.
a) Inferior b) Anterior c) Superior d) Posterior
The antebrachial region is _________________ to the brachial region.
a) Medial b) Superior c) Lateral d) Inferior
Which organ is medial to the lungs?
a) Small intestines b) Heart c) Liver d) Kidneys
The elbow is ______________ to the wrist.
a) Proximal b) Inferior c) Distal d) Lateral
Which body region is associated with the wrist?
a) Cubital b) Crural c) Carpal d) Costal
Ovaries in females and testes in males are a part of what organ system?
a) Respiratory b) Muscular c) Endocrine d) Reproductive
Which organ system includes the kidneys and is responsible for removing wastes?
a) Skeletal b) Cardiovascular c) Urinary d) Integumentary
Not including those made from combining multiple different cavities, how many total body cavities are there?
a) 5 b) 6 c) 7 d) 8
Which serous membrane is responsible for lubricating and protecting the heart?
a) Pericardium b) Pleura c) Peritoneum d)
Which layer of a serous membrane lines the organ (not the cavity)?
a) Parietal layer b) Pericardial layer c) Visceral layer d) Pleural layer
What sheet of muscle separates the thoracic cavity from the abdominal cavity?
a) Diaphragm b) Cardiac c) Smooth d) Cranial
Which body plane bisects the body in superior and inferior halves?
a) Transverse b) Sagittal c) Frontal d)
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