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To tell the differences
a) Generate or establish b) Distinguish or Depict c) Establish or verify d) Assess or probe
To produce or make something
a) Distinguish, Differntiation b) Generate, Establish c) Assess, Verify d) Stimulus, Respond
to make sure something is correct
a) Verify b) Distinguish c) Establish d) Respond
to communicate or transfer knowledge
a) Establish b) Convey c) Assess d) Generate
To evaluate or find
a) Establish b) Assess c) Convey d) Prior
to say something in reply
a) Stimulus b) Convey c) Respond d) Characteristics
to predict or try to guess what is going to happen
a) Defend b) Generate c) Investigate d) Anticipate
To take up for something
a) Anticipate b) Defend c) Convey d) Distinguish
to identify clearly to explain clearly
a) Trace b) Specify c) Change d) Prior
to find or discover, to copy, or a small amount
a) Establish b) Convey c) Specify d) Trace
To put together
a) Emphasize b) Communicate c) Compile d) Translate
Which of the following words mean change?
a) Compile, Emphasize, Trace b) Translate, Convey, Shift c) Generate, Produce, Establish d) Distinguish, Investigate, Observe
to show the importance of something
a) Emphasize b) Translate c) Update d) Link
To make current
a) Link or Trace b) Generate or Establish c) Shift or Translate d) Update or Modify
To put together
a) Produce b) Link c) Generate d) Prior
To make
a) Produce b) Convey c) Link d) Trace
Which two words mean to go to the next stage?
a) Advance and Promote b) Conjecture and Rotate c) Shift and Trace d) Change and Investigate
To form an opinion
a) Advance b) Conjecture c) Promote d) Pose
to present of show
a) Pose b) Promote c) Perfection d) Prominade
to explore or examine
a) verify b) produce c) distinguish d) probe
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