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Ellos trabajaron
a) They work b) They worked c) You all work d) You all worked
Mi hermana habló
a) My sister spoke b) My brother spoke c) My sister speaks d) My brother speaks
yo bailé
a) I used to dance b) I danced c) I always dance d) I don't dance
él escribió
a) He was writing b) She was writing c) She wrote d) He wrote
nosotros corrimos
a) We ran b) We run c) You all (Spain) ran d) You all (Spain) run
ustedes pintaron
a) You all painted b) You all (Spain) painted c) You all (formal) painted d) You all paint
usted miró
a) You (informal) looked b) You look c) He looked d) You (formal) looked
tú abriste
a) You (formal) opened b) You (informal) opened c) You open d) I opened
El gato y el perro corrieron
a) They ran b) They run c) He ran d) He runs
La amiga y tú entraron
a) You all enter b) You all entered c) They entered d) They enter
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