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In Ch. 11, who does Pony blame for killing Bob?
a) Johnny b) Randy c) himself d) society
The book started and ended with....Paul Newman and a ride home. This was actually what?
a) coincidence b) Pony's English theme c) A dream d) A movie
Pony sees a picture of Bob and his grin reminds Pony of who?
a) Johnny b) Soda c) Dally d) Darry
After the hearing, Pony's character becomes what?
a) Energized and alive b) depressed and detached c) angry and spiteful d)
Pony is worried the judge will send him where?
a) Prison b) A boys home c) Prep school d) Military camp
Who comes to visit Pony at his house before the trial?
a) Johnny's mother b) Marcia c) Cherry d) Randy
Who dies in Ch. 10?
a) Pony b) Soda c) Darry d) Dally
In Ch. 12, Pony finds a note from Johnny reminding him to what?
a) stay tough b) stay humble c) stay strong d) stay gold
Who escorts Pony and Dally to the hospital after the fight?
a) a policeman b) an ambulance c) Darry d) Cherry and Marcia
Which Soc is Darry's old high school friend and football teammate?
a) Randy b) Paul c) Bob d) Billy
Who wins the rumble?
a) Socs b) Greasers c) d)
What does Johnny tell Pony before he dies?
a) To win the fight b) To stay gold c) To tell Cherry he loves her d) To read him more of Gone with the Wind
What does Dally ask Two-Bit for a the hospital?
a) Two-bit's gun b) Two-bit's baseball bat c) Two-bit's brass knuckles d) Two-bit's switch blade
How does Pony feel before the rumble?
a) excited b) nervous c) sick d) sad
What does Ponyboy ask Cherry at the end of Ch. 8?
a) If she loves Dally b) If she can see the sunset on the west side c) How does if feel to betray the greasers? d)
What term describes Johnny's condition in the hospital?
a) Critical b) Stable c) Mild d)
Which Soc talks to Ponyboy at the Tasty Freeze?
a) Marcia b) Cherry c) Bob d) Randy
What is the term that describes how the Socs and Greasers will settle their dispute?
a) Fight b) War c) Rumble d)
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