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Pure substances that cannot be changed into a simpler form
a) mixtures b) compounds c) element d) heterogeneous
What is the smallest part of an element that has chemical properties of the element?
a) mixtures b) atom c) substance d) homogeneous
Composed of extremely small particles called atoms.
a) matter b) elements c) compounds d) mixture
Pure substances that are composed of two or more types of elements that are chemically bonded
a) atom b) element c) mixture d) compound
Composed of two or more different substances that retain their own idividual properties and are combined physically
a) mixture b) compound c) element d) heterogeneous
Mixture that is not uniform throughout. Substances can be visibly distinguished
a) heterogeneous b) homogeneous c) atoms d) compound
Mixture which is uniform throughout. Substances are evenly mixed and cannot be visibly distinguished
a) heterogeneous b) homgenenous c) element d) compound
Another name for a homogeneous mixture
a) solution b) solvent c) acid d) base
One way two or more atoms can combine is to form a
a) atom b) link c) molecule d) compound
A single atom...
a) doesn't exist b) has mass and takes up space c) is big and bulky d) can be seen with the naked eye
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