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Structures that store materials, such as water and salts, in the cell are
a) lysosomes b) ribosomes c) vacuoles d) nuclei
All of the following are double membrane bound organelles EXCEPT the
a) nucleus b) mitochondrion c) chloroplast d) centriole
The site where most of the ATP in the cell is produced is the
a) chloroplast b) mitochondrion c) cytoplasm d) endoplasmic reticulum
Which organelle captures solar energy and converts it to chemical energy?
a) mitochondrion b) nucleus c) chloroplast d) cytoplasm
Structure that gives a cell its shape and is used in internal transport of materials is the
a) cytoskeleton b) vacuole c) lysosome d) Golgi apparatus
Which of the following is not found in a plant cell?
a) central vacuole b) endoplasmic reticulum c) mitochondrion d) centriole
The Golgi apparatus
a) modifies and packages proteins for export from the cell b) synthesizes lipids c) controls DNA replication d) is the site of protein synthesis
Organelles that contain enzymes for digestion are called
a) vacuoles b) lysosomes c) centrioles d) microtubules
Openings in the nuclear envelope that allow the passage of material into and out of the nucleus are called
a) channels b) canals c) nuclear gates d) nuclear pores
The organelles that are located near the nucleus and help organize the cell for division are the
a) ribosomes b) centrioles c) cell wall d) endoplasmic reticulum
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