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Learning strategies are important because...
a) they help students learn, retain, and use information more effectively. b) students couldn't learn without them. c) ELLs will not acquire language unless they consciously think about it. d)
The proper procedure to teach students a learning strategy is...
a) name the strategy, tell students what the strategy does to assist learning, model the strategy, and provide ample practice b) present the strategy by modeling it, have the students practice it, and ask students to write about it. c) have students discover how they learn through experiential activities d)
Of the three areas of CALLA, which one should be the primary focus?
a) teaching content subject matter b) teaching academic English c) teaching learning strategies d)
The three categories of learning strategies are...
a) metacognitive, cognitive, and social/affective. b) supercognitive, BICS, and CALP. c) grammar, mechanics, and process writing. d)
WHICH LEARNING STRATEGY IS IT: Listen or read selectively, scan for specific information: Read quickly to find key words, phrases, ideas, syntax, linguistic markers, types of information
a) Selective Attention b) Note-taking c) Self-management d)
WHICH LEARNING STRATEGY IS IT: Think while listening or reading: Continuously check your comprehension while listening or reading (Krashen's Monitor)
a) Monitoring Comprehension b) Monitoring Production c) Resourcing d)
WHICH LEARNING STRATEGY IS IT: Use what you know, use background knowledge, draw on experience, make analogies: Relate new information to known information; making personal associations
a) Elaboration of Prior Knowledge b) Advance Organization c) Organizational Planning d)
WHICH LEARNING STRATEGY IS THIS STUDENT USING: proofreading with my own eyes after I run my computer's spell-check
a) Monitoring Production b) Monitoring Comprehension c) Resourcing d)
WHICH LEARNING STRATEGY IS THIS STUDENT USING: My teacher taught me the rules for using semicolons and then I did some exercises.
a) deduction b) induction c) making inferences d)
a) audtiory representation b) organizational planning c) cooperation d)
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