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The system used to name organisms is the
a) Scientific Classification of Naming system b) INCS -International Naming Classification System c) binomial nomenclature d) three description name
The three Domains used to classify organisms are
a) Bacteria, Archaea, Eukarya b) Archaea, Eukarya, Protista c) Bacteria, Eukarya, Protista d) Bacteria, Archaea, Protista
Shared derived characters are use to construct
a) a phylogenetic tree. b) the order of taxa. c) a cladogram. d) the relationship of phyla in orders.
The acquisition of the same or similar characters in distantly related lines of descent is called
a) coevolution b) convergent evolution c) divergent evolution d) similar evolution
Scientists use all of the following to classify organisms EXCEPT
a) habitat b) fossil record c) homology d) molecular data
An organism that gives rise to two new groups of organisms is a
a) common ancestor b) grandparent c) species d) descendant
A group of organisms that fills a particular category of classification is a
a) class b) horde c) population d) taxon
Any structural, chromosomal, or molecular feature that distinguishes one group from another is a
a) feature b) character c) homologous structure d) likeness
The branch of science concerned with identifying, naming, and classifying organisms is
a) phylogeny b) taxonomy c) homology d) cladology
A diagram that indicates common ancestors and line of descent is a
a) cladogram b) ancestry tree c) lines of descent diagram d) phylogenetic tree
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