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You can prevent accidents by ______.
a) looking forward as you walk and leaving doors open b) clearing pathways and wearing low heels c) clearing pathways and securing electrical cords d) cleaning up spills and changing air filters
Belinda has opened an email attachment on her workplace computer. The computers are linked together by a network. She has been affected by a virus. What type of virus do she have?
a) boot sector virus b) file virus c) worm virus d) macro virus
Which computer virus enters into a computer system through a network?
a) file b) macro c) trojan horse d) worm
A trojan horse is different from other viruses because it doesn't ______.
a) destroy files b) reproduce itself c) steal passwords d) delete files
Which trigger event virus will activate because it has been set to the PC clock?
a) trojan horse b) file virus c) logic bomb d) time bomb
Which computer virus attaches to an application program?
a) file virus b) macro virus c) boot sector d) logic bomb
What are three file extensions of viruses?
a) .com, .biz, .vbs b) .exe, .com, .ca c) .exe, .com, .vbs d) .exe, .vbs, .jav
What are examples of workplace ethics?
a) communication and being enterprising b) pride in work and integrity c) leadership and dependable d) honesty and using ICT
What are workplace ethics?
a) conduct in the workplace b) principles that gain jobs c) ability to clearly get your message across d) ability to use your imagination
What are examples of qualities?
a) integrity, quality, positive releationships, responsibility, and honesty b) dependable, procative, reliable, hardworking and independent c) communication, teamwork, being enterprising, and using ICT d) leadership skills, values, fairness, qualities and morals
What are the things you believe are important in the way you live and work?
a) employability skills b) morals c) values d) qualities
What is not an employability skill?
a) Communication b) Teamwork c) Using ICT d) Using the telephone
What makes up your personal characteristics?
a) Qualities b) Values c) Employability Skills d) Morals
Jake works for the Billings Company. He is working long hours at the computer. How long should he work before he takes a five minute break?
a) 20 minutes b) 2 hours c) 1 hour d) 45 minutes
What doesn't cause workplace stress?
a) high or insufficient workloads b) eating lunch with friends c) poor working relationships d) bullying or harassment
What is the most common type of office accident?
a) falls b) strains c) material storage d) caught between objects
What is ergonomic?
a) moving your chair b) modifying your workspace c) walking around the office d) poor chair posture
Which virus attack requires an action of a user?
a) whitehat attack b) back door virus attack c) front door virus attack d) blackhat attack
Stress can be prevented by _____.
a) taking care of yourself and prioritizing tasks b) walking and watching movies c) taking frequent breaks d) taking on high workloads
Computer virus can _______.
a) speed up your computer b) destroy data and display irritating messages c) improve the memory on your computer d) improve your browsing
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