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The diameter of the earth is
a) 8,000 miles b) 18,000 miles c) 25,000 miles d) 88,000 miles
Where did God confuse the languages of men?
a) Africa b) Tower of Babel c) The Old World d) Tower of Pisa
Between the Rivers
a) Mt. Ararat b) Fertile Cresent c) Babylon d) Mesopotamia
Main occupation of the Sumerians
a) farmers b) sculpters c) teachers d) artists
Warmest Ocean
a) Arctic b) Pacific c) Indian d) Atlantic
Largest Ocean
a) Arctic b) Atlantic c) Indian d) Pacific
The study of ancient people
a) superstition b) archaeology c) history d) geography
tall, layered temples in Sumer
a) domes b) ziggurats c) basilicas d) chapels
a belief based on fear
a) superstition b) evolution c) reincarnation d) mesopotamia
most common seal in Sumer
a) rectangle b) sphere c) globe d) cylinder
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