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_____ is an adjective that means becomes brighter and then darker over and over.
a) despairing b) flickering c) shuddered d) delivered
If something is ______, it is hidden.
a) concealed b) shuddered c) companion d) hastened
If someone is saved from danger, that person is ____ .
a) flickering b) sympathetic c) concealed d) delivered
Shuddered means ________.
a) hurried b) shook with horror c) hidden d) saved
A person who is ______ is understanding.
a) delivered b) despairing c) sympathetic d) traveling
A _______ is a person who is traveling with someone else.
a) flickering b) hastened c) delivered d) companion
Hastened means ____ .
a) understanding b) hurried c) hidden d) shook with horror
_______ is an adjective that means without hope.
a) delivered b) shuddered c) despairing d) hastened
The lights were ________ while the storm tumbled through our neighborhood.
a) shuddered b) flickering c) hastened d) despairing
During the storm, I _____ with fear.
a) shuddered b) companion c) delivered d) hastened
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