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A real dog has what kind of texture?
a) Implied b) Actual c) d)
If you have a piece of artwork that has a BLUE shoe on a GREEN background, what color is the NEGATIVE space?
a) BLUE b) GREEN c) WHITE d)
The size of 15ft Elephant in relation to a tree is:
a) Balance b) Proportion c) Scale d) Size
A picture of a basketball player is an example of a/an:
a) Organic Form b) Geometric Form c) Organic Shape d) Geometric Shape
Which of the following is an ORGANIC FORM?
a) A soccer ball b) An ice cube c) A gluestick d) A football helmet
Which of the following has the GREATEST contrast?
a) Dark Gray VS Black b) Yellow VS Yellow-Green c) Furry VS Smooth d) Rough VS Smooth
Which of the following has the MOST value?
a) A colored photo b) A photo of a landscape c) A black and white photo d) A picture of an animal
Since circles and ovals are similar, they show balance.
a) TRUE b) FALSE c) d)
The 5 types of line we talked about are:
a) Straight, Vertical, Horizontal, Curved, Implied b) Diagonal, Vertical, Tall, Implied, Curved c) Vertical, Horizontal, Diagonal, Implied, Curved d) Straight, Horizontal, Curved, Diagonal, Implied
Color is used to show a ___________, feeling, or emotion.
a) memory b) holiday c) theme d) event
Lines in an artwork can show a flowing _______________ that helps direct the viewers eye through the artwork.
a) emphasis b) movement c) repetition d) proximity
Proximity is what color the object is.
a) TRUE b) FALSE c) d)
What is an example of an ALTERNATING PATTERN?
Emphasis can be shown through color, ___________, size, contrast, or repetition.
a) Proximity b) Balance c) Placement d) Proportion
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