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Horticulture, the science of growing things, was first used by
a) Paleo b) Archaic c) Woodland d) Mississippian
Place the Indican cultures in order, from oldest to most recent.
a) Archaic, Mississippian, Paleo, Woodland b) Mississippian, Archaic, Woodland, Paleo c) Paleo, Archaic, Woodland, Mississippian d) Woodland, Paleo, Mississippian, Archaic
What eventually happened to the Mississippian Indians?
a) They died of diseases like smallpox. b) They became incorporated into the European cultures. c) They moved north to areas like Kentucky and Ohio. d) No one knows what happened to them.
The grooved axe was first used by which culture?
a) Paleo b) Archaic c) Woodland d) Mississippian
Nomadic cultures
a) settled down near rivers b) established farming communities c) wandered around looking for large animals to hunt d) celebrated holidays every year
Burial mounds indicated
a) the use of horticulture b) the use of religion c) the ability to hunt large animals d) trading with other tribes
What weapon is associated with the Woodland Indians?
a) gun b) grooved axe c) atlatl d) bow and arrow
Which culture created the atlatl (weapon)?
a) Paleo b) Archaic c) Woodland d) Mississippian
Which culture was given guns by the European explorers?
a) Paleo b) Archaic c) Woodland d) Mississipian
What made the Indians decide to make permanent villages?
a) Learning how to farm b) Learning how to hunt c) Protection from their enemies d) Development of schools
Which Indian culture first began to use tribes?
a) Paleo b) Archaic c) Woodland d) Mississippian
Why were the Archaic people somewhat nomadic?
a) They followed larger herds of animals, like bison. b) They were looking for good places to find food (rivers, small game) c) They liked to climb in mountains. d) They were always looking for caves to live in.
Which Indian cultures used burial mounds?
a) Paleo and Archaic b) Archaic and Woodland c) Woodland and Mississippian d) Mississippian and Paleo
Which culture first began using pottery?
a) Paleo b) Archaic c) Woodland d) Mississippian
Which Indian culture first introduced the idea of tribes?
a) Paleo b) Archaic c) Woodland d) Mississippian.
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