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Using one or more of your senses to gather information is called?
a) infering b) predicting c) classifying d) observing
Which of the following are not examples of data?
a) facts b) theories c) figures d) measurement
A well tested explanation for a wide for a wide range of observations or expierimental results is called a scientific
a) law b) theory c) hypothesisinquiry d)
A force that slowly wears away/breaks down mountains and other features on the surface of Earth is
a) constructive b) destructive c) superposition d) unnatural
Which branch of Earth science includes the study of the stars?
a) astronomy b) oceanography c) meteorology d) geology
A weather map os an example of
a) hypothesis b) scientific law c) model d) landforms
Plateaus, plains, and mountains are the three main types of?
a) projections b) thingys c) relief d) landforms
The part of the earth system that includes earth's solid, rocky, outer layer is the
a) hydrosphere b) atmosphere c) biosphere d) lithosphere
the most important lab safety rule is
a) wear a lab apron b) wear safety goggles c) conduct your own experiment without asking your teacher d) always follow your teacher instructions and textbook directions
A statement that describes what scientist expect to happen everytime like a pattern is a
a) inquiry b) hypothesis c) theory d) law
Feature on a map that shows distance
a) scale b) symbole c) degree d) prime meridian
An areas topography is determined by the area's elevation, relief, and
a) scale b) landforms c) latitude d) longitude
Factors that can change in an experiment are
a) manipulated variable b) controlled variable c) test tube d) data
Which of the following is used to measure a liquid
a) flask b) bunsen burner c) triple beam balance d) goggles
Radiation from the sun provides what for the water cycle
a) energy b) light c) chemicals d) rainbows
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