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After returning from Dairy Queen, what is on fire?
a) The school b) The car c) The church d) An empty warehouse
Who wrote Ponyboy a letter?
a) Darry b) Dally c) Steve d) Sodapop
Who wants to go home and confess the crime?
a) Ponyboy b) Johnny c) Dally d) Cherry
Who has been acting like a spy for the greasers?
a) Cherry b) Marcia c) Randy d) Bob
What book did Johnny bring back from town?
a) Wish you well b) Gone with the Wind c) War and Peace d) Little Women
Ponyboy and Johnny hop a train to what town?
a) Austin b) Windrixville c) Winn Dixie d) Winterburg
Who did Johnny and Ponyboy go see to get help?
a) Darry b) Soda c) Buck Merril d) Dally
Who did Johnny kill?
a) Randy b) Bob c) Ricky d) Jimmy
Who was burned badly and may have broken his back?
a) Ponyboy b) Dally c) Johnny d) Jerry Wood
Who dies at the end of Chapter 6?
a) Dally b) Darry c) Johnny d) Sodapop
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