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a 48/N=8 N=?
a) a 1 b) a 7 c) a 8 d) a 6
a 23,7,30,4,3 Find the mean, median, and mode
a) a 12, 30, no mode b) a 13 r2, 7, no mode c) a 14 r2,7, no mode d) a none of these
a 432/72=
a) a 2 b) a 6 c) a 12 d) a 8
a 86.56/37
a) a 1.12 r5 b) a 2.11 r12 c) a 2.33 r35 d) a 3.34 r36
a The triangle DEF has 2 6 inch sides and one four inch side. classify it by its sides.
a) a equilateral b) a scalene c) a acute d) a isosceles
a A triangle has a 20% angle, a 40% angle, and a 120% angle. Classify it by its angles.
a) a acute b) a right c) a obtuse d) a isosceles
a Find the simplest form for this fraction 16/24
a) a 4/6 b) a 2/3 c) a 8/12 d) a 4/8
a Change to a mixed number for this fraction 27/6
a) a 4 1/2 b) a 4 3/4 c) a 3 8/9 d) a none of these fractions
a Wich is not a fifth grade group?
a) a Beta b) a Feta c) a Delta d) a Omega
a Which is not a fifth grade teacher?
a) a Ms.Rizzio b) a Mrs.Roche c) a Mr.Odgers d) a Ms.Gibson
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