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When Vasudeva asks the river what to do about Siddhartha's son, the river's reply is
a) Om b) laughter c) silence d) pray
The cure for Siddhartha's wound is
a) forgetfulness b) listening to the river c) repeating Om d) olive leaves
Kamala's body is disposed of in the traditional Hindu method, which is
a) cremation b) burying c) immersion in the ocean. d) sinking in the river
Siddhartha is most hurt by the fact that his son
a) does not respect the ancient faith b) runs away c) refuses to obey him d) makes fun of his grandfather
In his later years, Siddhartha comes to the conclusion that wisdom is the consciousness of
a) one's duty b) human emotion c) the unity of all life d) the elders
When Govinda asks for help in achieving peace, Siddhartha tells him to
a) read the Vedas b) kiss him on the forehead c) worship the Buddha d)
Siddhartha comes to the conclusion that the wisdom a wise person tries to communicate always sounds
a) boring b) foolish c) simplistic d) overbearing
Eventually Vasudeva
a) dies b) becomes a forest hermit c) becomes a Buddhist priest d) becomes a Brahmin
What was the profession of Siddhartha”s father
a) merchant b) priest c) carpenter d) king
What is the name by which Siddhartha refers to the Divine within him?
a) Samsara b) Atman c) Kamala d) Samana
Who is Siddhartha’s closest friend in Part I of the novel?
a) Vishnu b) Goatama c) Govinda d) VAsuveda
What was the name of the group of ascetics Siddhartha joined after leaving his father?
a) Shivas b) Samanas c) Subcontinents d) Samsaras
What was the Buddha’s real name?
a) Indira b) Goatama c) Nehru d) Ghandi
What does Siddhartha say is missing in the Buddha’s teaching?
a) how to avoid evil b) the secret of what the Buddha has experienced c) the meaning of life d) how to gain influence over the other men
What did Siddhartha speculate separated him from ordinary people?
a) his having met the Buddha b) his relationship with a courtesan c) his former life as a Samana d) his being born into a priestly caste
What prevents Siddhartha from committing suicide?
a) his fear of oblivion b) the sound of “Om” emanating from within him c) the thought of Kamala d) the sound of Kamala’s bird
What is the name of the old Ferryman to whom Siddhartha returns after leaving town?
a) Vishnu b) Rig-Veda c) Vasuveda d) Vesuvius
According to Siddhartha, knowledge can come from teachers, but wisdom must come from
a) death b) direct experience c) God d) true masters
At the beginning and end of the story, Govinda acts as Siddhartha’s
a) disciple b) foil c) opposite d) shadow
Which of the following characters does NOT reach Nirvana by the end of the story?
a) Buddha b) Govinda c) Kamaswami d) Siddhartha
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