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Who was the richest merchant in town?
a) Govinda b) Siddhartha's father c) Kamaswami d) Vasudeva
Who was the wise ferryman?
a) Kamswami b) Goatama c) Vasudeva d) Kamala
A Samana is
a) a Brahmin priest b) a merchant c) ascetic monk d) ferryman
Atman is
a) Buddha b) Goatama c) Self d) Nirvana
Siddartha's father is
a) Orthodox Brahmin b) Brahmin-Samana-Buddhist c) Brahmin-Ascetic d) Brahmin merchant
Which best describes Govinda?
a) boat theif b) Brahmin-Samana-Buddist c) Ascetic-Brahmin-Buddist d) Brahmin- Ascetic- Gerryman
Siddhartha's Son is best described as
a) his shadow b) a boat theif c) a small Buddha d) a merchant
Kamala is
a) the merchant's wife b) a courtesan c) Siddhartha's mother d) Siddhartha's sister
When Siddhartha is a young man, he stirs the hearts of the Brahmins' daughters
a) True b) False c) ---- d) ----
Buddhist monks live by begging
a) True b) False c) ---- d) ---
Kamala is illiterate
a) True b) False c) ---- d) ----
Siddhartha never eats meat throughout his entire life.
a) True b) False c) ------ d) ------
In a tearful farewell scene, Siddhartha tells Kamala that he is leaving her
a) True b) False c) ---- d) ----
Siddhartha senses are deadened during his Samana years.
a) True b) False c) ----- d) -----
Siddhartha does not meet his son until the day of Kamala's death
a) True b) False c) ---- d) ----
Vasudeva advises Siddhartha to do everything possible to protect his son from the pains of Samsara.
a) True b) False c) ---- d) ----
Buddhist monks travel only on important occasions.
a) True b) False c) --- d) ---
Siddhartha is more interested in what the Buddha says than in which he does.
a) True b) False c) ----- d) ----
Siddhartha Concludes that there is no difference between the wise person and the ordinary person.
a) True b) False c) ----- d) -----
Siddhartha's father wants him to be a
a) a lawyer b) a merchant c) a teacher d) a priest
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