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Find the mean. 5,7,9,9,11,13.
a) 7 b) 5 c) 9 d) 11
Divide. 368/9.
a) 40 b) 40 r8 c) 50 r1 d) 40 r3
Find the quotient. use mental math. 53.71/100
a) 53 r71 b) 49 r 80 c) 52 r43 d) 53r 70
Choose the best estimate for $48.98x25
a) $1,250 b) $125 c) $12.50 d) not here
What kind of triangle has sides that are all different sizes?
a) isosceles b) equalateral c) scalene d) none of the above
How many degrees is a right angle?
a) 180 b) 90 c) 60 d) 89
name 2 fractions that are equal to 3/4.
a) 16/40, 12/35 b) 6/12,5/9 c) 6/8,12/16 d) none of the above
Compare. use >,<, or =. 2/3 ? 5/6.
a) > b) < c) = d) 5/6
What is our principle's name?
a) Mr.Deangeles b) Mr. Mcknight c) Mr. Martorelli d) Mr. Young
What is one of our f/c science teacher's names?
a) Ms. Corcran b) Mrs. Roche c) Ms. Jeantay d) Mrs. Wirth
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