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Cnidarians are animals with _________________ .
a) no bones b) appendages c) stinging cells d) bilateral symmetry
Which animal has bilateral symmetry?
a) butterfly b) sea anemone c) jellyfish d) sponge
Which is NOT an arthropod
a) spider b) clam c) centipede d) lobster
How do spoges get food?
a) paralyzing b) poison c) stinging cells d) filtering
Tapeworm is an example of a _______ worm.
a) round b) segmented c) annelid d) flat
Mollusks have shells.
a) true b) only bivalves do c) some do, some don't d) false
The name echinoderm means what?
a) two shells b) spiney skin c) double life d) ringed body
Which arthropods have six legs?
a) arachnids b) crustaceans c) insects d) spiders
Arachnids have how many body segments?
a) one b) four c) three d) two
Which animal is an echinodem?
a) sea star b) both sea stars and sea urchins c) neither sea stars or sea urchins d) sea urchin
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