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I check your teeth for cavities
a) b) dentist c) d)
I work in the fields and grow crops
a) b) c) farmer d)
Come to me if your hair is too long
a) b) c) hair dresser d)
My clothing protects me from heat and fire
a) b) c) d) firefighter
My most valuable tool for my job is my camera
a) b) c) d) photographer
My uniform is a swimsuit
a) b) c) lifeguard d)
Checkout with me before you leave the store
a) b) cashier c) d)
Come to me if you have a fever or runny nose
a) b) c) doctor d)
I will cook your meal at the resturant
a) chef b) c) d)
I built your house and many building around town
a) b) c) construction worker d)
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