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If you speak Dutch where are you from?
a) The Netherlands b) Germany c) Spain d) Zimbabwae
The city of Danzig is located in what country?
a) Germany b) France c) Poland d) Pauland
Poutine is a native to dish to the strange people of what province?
a) Alberta b) Yukon c) Ontario d) Quebec
What country speaks Portuguese in South America?
a) Romania b) Brazil c) Argentina d) Peru
Is Scotland a country?
a) No b) Yes c) Maybe d) They don't deserve to be
If you are born in Algeria you are a
a) African b) Arab c) Muslism d) All of the above and more
This is the largest country in the world
a) Russia b) Canada c) China d) USA
Sicily is a
a) Island b) a ball c) a type of food d) a crazy mexican dance
The longest river in the world is
a) The Nile b) The Amazon c) St.Lawrence River d) the Tiber
People from France can be considered
a) Snobby b) Smelly c) Eliteist d) All of the above and more
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