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The secretary for FBLA has been given a directive to create a file with in which contains one or more spreadsheet. Which of the following would she use:
a) cell b) workbook c) database d) cell range
Ms James uses a program to arrange cells into columns and rows that organize, analyze, calculate and report information, usually in numeric form. The type of program best suited for this task is a/an
a) system software b) presentation software c) spreadsheet software d) database software
What are the individual location of worksheet called:
a) cell range b) data series c) cell d) spreadsheet
From the information in question four the cells that the information was entered into forms a rectangle. This is known as a/an:
a) workbook b) cell range c) cell data d) spreadsheet
The information (B16:B45) is used to identify which of the following:
a) cell range b) workbook c) cell data d) none
Ms James had information that has the potential of being used in a calculation in a spreadsheet. This information such as the date can be described as
a) label b) value c) formula d) function
Ms James types an equation into a spreadsheet to do a calculation this can be identified as a:
a) label b) value c) formula d) none
Ms James goes even further to use and in built command to assist her with additional calculations she has to perform. This is known as a:
a) label b) value c) none d) function
Which of the following usually begins a formula:
a) * b) / c) = d) -
The mathematical operator that is used to indicate the division is the:
a) * b) / c) - d) +
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