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What is a fictional or unproven belief?
a) myth b) vision c) atiitude d) behavior
What is an action caused by or a reaction to the surrounding environment?
a) behavior b) attitude c) vision d) myth
Who is a person who directs attention and interests toward the outer world of people and things?
a) extrovert b) introvert c) leader d) personality type
Who is a person who tends to focus on inner thoughts and ideas?
a) introvert b) extrovert c) leader d) personality type
What is an indication of how you deal with the different situations and experiences in your life?
a) personality type b) attitude c) behavior d) vision
What do you call the way you deal with and treat yourself and other people?
a) attiude b) behavior c) personality type d) vision
What do you call the ability to find acceptable solutions to problems and experiences to benefit both you and the others involved?
a) conflict resolution b) affirmation c) skill d) personality type
What do you call the act of agreeing with, validating, or confirming the actions or behaviors of another person?
a) affirmation b) conflict resolution c) attitude d) behavior
What is a measure of a person’s ability, talent, or expertise in performing a task?
a) skill level b) attitude c) affirmation d) personality type
What is a learned ability or strength that allows an individual to do something well?
a) skill b) skill level c) affirmation d) attitude
Who is a person with the ability to guide others toward accomplishing a goal?
a) leader b) introvert c) extrovert d) personality type
What is an idea or a project that you imagine turning into reality by undergoing some type of change?
a) vision b) myth c) attitude d) behavior
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